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Witness the phenomenal display of creativity, style and precision as barbers and hairdressers around Asia battle it out for the coveted champion title.

This is the Legend of Barbers.

The Legend of Barbers, a competition organised by Wahl Professional, has expanded its reach this year to include 2 new locations: Hong Kong and Taiwan, in addition to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. This event is not only a platform for barbers/hairdressers to showcase their skills to a broader audience, but also a chance to connect and network with fellow peers. This year, we are proud to host a group of highly acclaimed and skilled barbers who will demonstrate their craft and expertise. Among them is US-based Kevin Nguyen aka @yakuzabarber. Kevin is a Wahl Professional USA Lead Educator and a recipient of multiple awards for his outstanding work in barbering.

All location winners will be awarded a plaque. The top 3 finishers will receive a trophy, cash prizes and Wahl 5-Star Barber Premiums. In addition, the Grand Winner will be crowned Legend of Barbers, receive a Wahl Educator contract and have the opportunity to tour the Wahl Clipper Headquarters in Sterling, Illinois. All location winners under the ‘Shop Nomination’ category will receive a plaque on behalf of their shops in recognition of the support given to them and the event.